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Jack Darcus, Producer, Writer, Director



Since 1970, with GREAT COUPS OF HISTORY, his first feature-length film, Jack

Darcus has continued to write, produce and direct. He has directed eight feature films

and has written and produced seven of them:


GREAT COUPS OF HISTORY (1970) B&W 97 minutes, Selected for

screening at Edinburgh Festival (Wri, Prod, Dir)


PROXYHAWKS (1972) B&W 87 Minutes, Selected for Critics Week at

Cannes Film Festival. (Wri, Prod, Dir)


WOLFPEN PRINCIPLE (1974) Colour, 87 Minutes (Wri, Dir)


DESERTERS (1984) Colour, 90 Minutes, Nominated for six Genie awards,

including best screenplay and best direction) (Wri, Prod, Dir)


OVERNIGHT aka CINEMA CANADA (1986) Colour, 92 Minutes, Nominated for four Genie awards,including best screenplay. (Wri, Prod, Dir)


KINGSGATE (1989) Colour, 107 Minutes, Starring Christopher Plummer,

Alan Scarfe, Duncan Fraser, Barbara March, and Elizabeth Dancoes (Wri, Prod, Dir)


THE PORTRAIT (1993) Colour, 110 Minutes, Starring Alan Scarfe, Barbara

March and Gwynyth Walsh (Wri, Prod, Dir)


SILENCE (1997) Colour, 102 Minutes, Starring August Schellenberg,

Tantoo Cardinal, Alan Scarfe, and Annick Obonsawin (Prod, Dir) Selected for

screening at Sundance Festival, 1999.


Jack Darcus also has television directing credits with the CBC Toronto and

CBC Vancouver.


All of the above films are available for viewing at Vimeo on Demand,

for the small fee of $1.00 US.

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