Many of the paintings here are in private collections, in Canada, the United States, and Europe.


Some are available in print form (see Paintings for Sale and Print Sales)


The copyright to all is held by Jack Darcus.






Jack Darcus has painted and exhibited in Vancouver, Eastern Canada, England, and France.  His works are represented in many collections in Canada, the United States, China, and Europe.  He has also written, directed, and produced eight feature films that have been screened, at international festivals, including Edinburgh, Cannes, Moscow, Hong Kong, and Sundance, as well as the Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver Festivals in Canada.  They have been seen for many years on Canadian television.  During his film career he continued painting and exhibiting, and has been painting full-time since 1999.

He works principally in egg tempera, the medium he loves best.  He began working in tempera after an exhibition of figures, in oils, in London, England in 1976.  Please see the statement on egg tempera in the links bar.


As will be seen in the following career summary, he has been painting and exhibiting work since 1964.  This website begins arbitrarily with works in 1990.    Selections from earlier work will be added at a later date.



Career Summary


Education:  Bachelor of Arts Degree, University of B.C., majors in Art History and Philosophy.  Graduated in 1963.



Painting Exhibitions (Since l964):


(All shows are solo exhibitions unless otherwise noted)


1963  Arts Club of Vancouver

1964  Young Contemporaries, London, Ontario (Juried Group Show)

1964  Canvas Shack Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1965  Bau Xi Gallery  Vancouver, B.C. (Group Show, Circumference)

          and Bau Xi Gallery  (Solo exhibition)

1966  Bau Xi Gallery

1967  Douglas Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 

1974  Victoria Art Gallery (Juried Group Show), Victoria, B.C.

1975  Burnaby Art Gallery  (solo exhibition which toured

             B.C., Penticton, Kelowna, Prince George, and Whitehorse in the

            Yukon Territory

1976  Bau Xi Gallery, Victoria B.C.

1976  University of B.C. Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1976  Upper Street Gallery, London, England

1978  Centre Culturel Columbien, Vancouver, B.C.

1980  Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Lobby Show, Vancouver, B.C.

1981  Keenleyside Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1987  St. Francis in the Wood, Church Hall, West Vancouver, B.C.

1988  Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey B.C.

1992  Deuxieme Salon International Oeuvres Support Papier, Nantes, France

          (Juried Group Show)

1993  Group Show, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1994  Solo Exhibition, Recent Paintings, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1995 Diane Farris Gallery

1998 - 2001 Heffel Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.  (works on continual exhibition)

2002, and to date, continuing studio and gallery exhibition on Granville Island, Vancouver's home to artists and artisans. 

Granville Island is a  popular tourist destination displaying works by artists, artisans and craftsmen. 

It attracts 10 million visitors yearly. 


The Granville Island studio address is:


Jack Darcus Studio and Gallery,

1290 Cartwright Street,

Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3R8

(see contact information)


2005  Solo exhibition, Omega Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

2005- 2007  Works on continual exhibition, Winsor Gallery

2008  Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.  Feature of New Works, July

2009  Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.  Feature of New Works, July

2010 - 2011  Continued representation by Winsor Gallery

             Works on continuing exhibition with Heyden Beck Gallery, Whistler, B.C.

2012 - 2014  Works represented by Granville Fine Art ( Vancouver B.C.

                    2014 - and ti date, all works on display Granville Island Studio Gallery, Vancouver, B.C,

Since 1994 Darcus has donated works to raise money for children’s art programs in yearly auctions at Arts Umbrella,         Vancouver, Canada.